What's Singlish?

“Although the domain Singlish.org has existed for more than a decade, it doesn’t always have content. But, it has always been clear to me, the stubborn owner and believer, that it should, if ever developed, be a site for ‘Singapore-centric’ materials. I think the bigger challenge is defining what should ‘Singapore-centric’ encompass. Perhaps it is safe to say that at least for the purpose of scoping out the works for this site, it means anything that is about Singapore and/or originating from Singapore. For the foreseeable future, Singlish.org will feature photographers and projects which fall roughly into this broad definition. But be warned: We live in a fast-changing(gosh I hate this cliché) world so click the reload button regularly for freshness lah!”

- Tay Kay Chin

If you are interested to be listed, you may want to send me the following:
– 400px x 600px portrait(they should be from shoulder up and not full length)
– a biography
– project title – year the project started and ended
– project write-up
– 8-12 images from the project, images should be 72dpi, jpg8-9, 1000px on long side
– your website address
– your email address
– your mobile number(some people choose not to list and that’s OK)
The materials should be sent to kaychin@singlish.org
p.s. I work alone and very slowly these days so it may take a while for me to answer your emails.
Also, I don’t live on Facebook these days and only log in once or twice a week. There are better ways to reach me and you already know how.