AMRITA Chandradas

Amrita Chandradas is a documentary photographer, currently based between Singapore & other regions of Southeast Asia. In 2014, she won the top 30 under 30 documentary photographers showcase by Magnum photos and Ideastap. Amrita graduated with an MA in Photojournalism and Documentary photography from London College of Communications. Her work is featured on New York Times, BBC world,Financial Times, Dagbladet information,Tamil Guardian, Barbados Advocate, Straits Times, and among others. She has recently completed a hostile environment training and first aid course sponsored by the Frontline Freelance Register, IWMF, ACOS Alliance and RPS Register.



2013 - present

“Singapore has progressed from third to first world within the last 40 years. What has been compromised in that process? The dead are being moved, traditions are slowly phasing out, buildings are getting taller, spaces are more constrained and the future is just getting harder.  By the year of 2030, the government aims to increase the Singaporean population to 6.9 million despite an ageing local population and dwindling birth rates. As a Singaporean,I chose to go home and document the different paradigms of these changes. With these issues in mind,I have ventured into Bukit Brown Cemetery, Singapore’s last village Kampong Buangkok and further afield to document some of the people residing in Singapore through their presented realities. This is intended to be a work in progress till 2030.”