Melvin H J TAN

Melvin Tan is a founding partner of LAUD Architects and has helmed a myriad of projects ranging from small houses to large MNC offices. However, if you ask him what he’s passionate about, his answer would be photography.

He believes art inspires art and draws cross inspiration between his interests in architecture, design, photography and music. He enjoys exploring ways to interpret the mundane and is an avid film shooter.

He is not confined to only one genre and trains his lenses on a wide variety of subjects including architectural built-form, urbanscapes, street, and even traditional arts such as Chinese opera.

His photography works have been featured in several publications, including Architectural Review, Singapore Architect, Cubes, D+A. His work was also selected for Thank You, Mr Lee(2015), a book tribute to the late Lee Kuan Yew.



2005 - present

“For me, photographing my family has not just been a way to record, but to also make that which is beautiful even more so.  This series comprises images made over the lives of my two young daughters through daily activities.  What is compelling to me is how life repeats itself; how we revisit places and activities in different seasons, empowered here by this diptych format.”