Sean LEE Puay Yang

Sean Lee was born in 1985 in Singapore. Before becoming a photographer he studied literature in college and later served in the army. His photographic work is a collection of images from the small world – the realm of intimate personal relationships, daily life, ordinary people and common places. Over time, these images are then arranged and sequenced to form worlds of their own. Lee’s work has been featured in a number of exhibitions, notably the Saatchi Gallery, London, Les Rencontres d’Arles and the Chobi Mela Photography Festival in Dhaka, Bangladesh. His first selfpublished book “Shauna” was recently included in the collection of the MoMA Library in New York.



2016 - present

The rooms remained silent as they watched the passing of days. Some orphaned chairs keep company around a maimed table. Whenever the wind came, the curtains by the open windows did their dance which made the light change. In one of the rooms a bed was waiting for the warmth of a worn out body. The people who used to live here now live in framed photographs hung on walls.