Shyue WOON

Shyue WOON (b.1975), trained as an Architect, uses photography as a tool to explore subtext in the built environment. In his daily practice as an architect, he turns aspirations and dreams into constructible reality. At night, he reverses the process – deconstructing reality and spaces into fiction and figments of imagination.

Shyue Woon’s debut photobook “Dark Cities” won the inaugural First Draft Award by THEBOOKSHOW. Woon was also selected as an artist in Mt Rokko International Photography Festival Emerging Photographers Showcase 2016 and his work has been exhibited in Turkey, Japan, Ukraine, Australia, Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore. His works were also selected for +50, a collective for Singapore’s Photographers; and “Thank you, Mr Lee” (2015), a book tribute to late LKY.


Car Park

2014 - 2016
“In the past few weeks while editing my photos, been thinking to myself why I was drawn to making these images. I don’t know what to make out of it, but, I don’t remember feeling alone in the space. Maybe the dark atmosphere, with a hint of fear—of desperately clinging to fantasy because the real world is scary and unfair, with the fear of everything you ever cherish will vanish at some point. Maybe this is how I interpret ‘Purgatory’, a space neither heaven nor hell.” – Act of Disappearance 24.05.2014