Sha Ying

Sha Ying studied photography and television at Beijing Broadcasting Institute. He left China in 1991 and lived in Japan and Hongkong before settling down in Singapore in 1995. He is currently the supervising cameraman at CNBC Asia Pacific headquartered in Singapore.

沙颖, 毕业于北京广播学院电视摄影专业。1991年起,先后旅居日本和香港。1995年移居新加坡至今。现任位于新加坡的美国商业电视台CNBC 亚太总部摄影监督。


For his new book CHINATOWN, to be released in May 2019, photographer Sha Ying speaks to book editor Tay Kay Chin about his images, his approach, and what it means to live in his adopted country – Singapore.